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5 Signs Your Spouse is Having an Office Affair

office affair private investigatorPositive coworker relationships can be an essential part of life. After all, the average American adult spends almost 40% of their entire day at work or in the office. So it may not be surprising, and may even be humorous or entertaining when your partner mentions or boasts that they have a “work spouse”. However, it’s anything but a laughing matter when those trusted colleagues cross the line and enter into emotional or physical affairs with your spouse. Fortunately, there are some signs that your partner’s likely having an office affair so you’re not completely blindsided.

Their Work Hours Have Significantly Changed

Schedules change and businesses adjust required work hours, especially during the pandemic. However, most couples know their partner’s work schedules and are aware of any annoyance or stress involved with those changes. Couples may be pleased with the changes if more work hours translate to better finances. But if your spouse seems happy about those changes for any other reason, they may be having an office affair.

They Make Excuses Why You Can’t Come to the Office or Work-Related Events

Many people strive to maintain a work/life balance, so your spouse might not want you involved in their workday. Even if you’ve visited them before, brought lunch, or popped in occasionally, post-pandemic work changes could have changed their tune. But pay attention to recent behaviors and cues. If they suddenly don’t want you popping in on certain days or inform that spouses aren’t welcome at work events, it may be an excuse to keep you from discovering their secret crush or affair for yourself or from someone else in the office.

Text or Phone Activity Increases and it’s Always Work

The tech involved in smartphones has become so incredible that approximately 93% of American adults use their cell phones for at least 33% of their workday to increase or improve their job productivity. But outside of work hours, those cell-based demands should taper off or cease. Of course, there are always exceptions for special career projects, client demands, and mutual social events or connections. However, if text or phone usage increases when your spouse is home with you and it always seems to be work-related, it could actually be their office fling.

Your Spouse Takes Extra Time Getting Ready for Work

Taking pride in appearance is important for anyone, so this isn’t necessarily a giveaway. But it could be if their sudden changes are new. Pay attention to changes in hairstyle, cologne or scent choices, beauty care and makeup routines, fitness changes, and time frames. If positive changes are new without previous discussion or knowledge on your end, they may be implemented to impress a coworker.

They Suddenly Want to Spice Up Your Sex Life–With An Extra Partner

Marriages tend to become stale at one point or another, and sexual openness is common in modern relationships. But that has never been your spouse’s kink or you’ve never seriously talked about the option, suddenly discussing a potential threesome could be a big sign of an existing office affair. If any of the above issues ring true or you just have a strong suspicion, give us a call to get the private investigator confidentiality and answers you deserve.

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