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When you need to know if your loved one is Cheating, contact the right Private Investigator.

Call us today 888-677-9700

The consultation with a PI is free, confidential and strictly anonymous.

Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are right. If you have suspicious, consider some of the following and be as impartial as possible.

Have you noticed a:

  • Sudden increase in time away from home
  • Decreased sexual interest with you
  • Cheating spouse is often distracted and day dreaming
  • Cheating husband or wife is often “unavailable” while at work
  • Cheating spouse attends new functions outside of work or not wants to go alone
  • Cell phone calls from you are not returned in timely fashion
  • Cheating spouse leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone
  • Cheating spouse uses computer alone and secretly
  • Cheating spouse asks about your schedule more often than usual
  • Mileage on car is high yet he / she reports only short distance errands
  • Clothes smell of perfume or cologne
  • Cheating spouse gets his / her laundry done independently
  • Unexplained payments on bank statements
  • Cheating spouse has more cash on hand without accountability
  • Cell phone bills contain calls with long duration
  • Cheating spouse now has a phone card but never used one before
  • Cheating wife or husband has unexplained receipts in wallet or purse
  • Cheating spouse has suspicious phone voice-mail messages
  • Cheating spouse has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed
  • Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains unusual sites
  • Cheating spouse begins to use new or free e-mail account
  • Cheating spouse is suddenly deleting e-mail messages

You may also want to consider reviewing your spouse’s credit card bills.

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Important Information about Investigations:

If you feel that your husband, wife, boy friend or girl friend is cheating on you, be sure to tell us eveything. As your private investigator, we are only able to get you the proof and evidence you need if you tell us the whole story. Anything less can have a dramatic affect on our ability to get you the information you seek. Although we are among the best private investigators in the industry specializing in infidelity and cheating cases who are recognized experts in court, we are not magicians! We cannot make things exist that don’t. We cannot find infidelity where it does not exist and sometimes, despite signs to the contrary, there is no infidelity or it is too infrequent or too well hidden to be found.

Accordingly, we do not guarantee any outcome on any case.

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